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Hi there!
Welcome to Tash Q Kinesiology.

I’m a kinesiologist and multi-dimensional quantum healer in Perth. I’m passionate about helping mothers overcome parental burnout and manage anger. Together, we’ll explore your current challenges, address past experiences, and tackle any ancestral influences holding you back. Let’s break free from repetitive patterns and childhood trauma to create a brighter future for you and your family.

I understand your desire for a better life for your children, one free from the burdens of energetic blocks. Every healing step we take creates ripples across time, impacting both past and future. You’re here because you’re being called to do the soul work—for yourself, your ancestors, and your children. While it may feel daunting, remember that growth often comes from traversing the path of most resistance. Are you prepared to release the pain and welcome in something greater?

Healing the spaces in-between your physical body, energetic bodies, past lives and ancestral lineage is my purpose.

Are you experiencing stress, overwhelm, or fatigue? Do you find yourself battling aches, brain fog, or decision fatigue? These are all signals from your body, calling out for assistance. I can translate these messages and guide you in releasing the patterns, behaviors, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Together, we can pave the way for your transformation and renewed vitality.
Are you ready to step out of survival mode and start THRIVING?

I can help you with

And so much more!​

Work with me

Team up with me and experience the transformative power of kinesiology and multi-dimensional quantum healing. Together, we delve deep to uncover the root cause of your concerns, addressing them on multiple levels. These modalities are gentle yet potent, providing a holistic and empowering approach to reclaiming your health. No more masking symptoms—let’s work towards lifelong wellness.

Holistic Approach

I work with you as a whole person – in mind, body and spirit.

Eastern Healing

I use ancient Eastern wisdom and healing techniques.

Western Science

I use Western scientific methods and practices.

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Quantum Healing​

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Soul Alignment

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Mini Kinesi​

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Quantum Tune-Up

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Business Alignment


Do you love a free download? I have created some sheets you can download and use before or after a session.

I have also put together a list of some of fave books, podcasts and businesses to support you on your journey.

On the blog

My Story

Our children are our biggest teachers…and our mirrors.

My journey through motherhood has been a profound path of personal healing. Following postnatal depression after the birth of my first daughter, I discovered peace in kinesiology.
With the arrival of my second daughter, I embarked on a transformative exploration of multi-dimensional quantum healing.

Each child brought forth unique challenges for me to confront and overcome—addressing my perfectionism, people-pleasing tendencies, martyrdom mindset, and, most significantly, my struggles with control and anger issues.


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